Jedi Lore

Codex Lore #3 – Satele Shan vs Darth Baras

How a Jedi Master tricked Satele Shan and Darth Baras into nearly destroying the Treaty of Coruscant on Dantooine.

Codex Lore #11 – Colonel Gallo of Manaan

Dive into the history of Manaan’s famed War Hero, Colonel Gallo and her history in defending Manaan against Raiders and the Sith Empire.

Codex Lore #14 – Don the Exiled Knight

Don the Exiled Knight’s Story, how a misunderstanding in the SWTOR community became a canonical character in Star Wars lore.

Codex Lore #23 – Bengel Morr, the Dark Jedi

Why the Jedi that survived the Sacking of Coruscant would attempt to overthrow the Hero of Tython and the Jedi Order.

Codex Lore #31 – The Vandar Tokare Garrison

Read the history of how this Military Base on Dantooine got it’s name from the Jedi Master of KOTOR.

Codex Lore #32 – Origins of the Voss Species

How the Jedi Order was actually responsible for creating the oppressive species that lead to centuries of Civil War on Voss.

Codex Lore #38 – Master Wyellet & The Starweird Queen

The life of Wyellet, a Jedi War Hero that tried to redeem Darth Baras and saved the Jedi Council from the Starweird Queen.

Codex Lore #40 – Liam Dentiri, the Jedi’s Droid Designer

The story of Liam Dentiri, how he trained the Hero of Tython and Barsen’thor, and his eventual fall on Tython.

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