Revan & KOTOR Lore

Codex Lore #4 – Revan & the Order of Shasa

Discover how Revan unknowingly founded a loyal Order of Force Sensitive Selkath on Manaan during KOTOR & SWTOR.

Codex Lore #5 – The Imprisoned One

The tragic tale of the Rakatan that Revan rescued in KOTOR and how he attempted to take over Tatooine during the Cold War.

Codex Lore #16 – The Droid Army of HK-47

How HK-47 survived for thousands of years after SWTOR, and founded a Droid Army during the Clone Wars on Mustafar.

Codex Lore #17 – The Fate of T3-M4, Revan’s Droid

Discover the bridge between T3-M4’s life after the Jedi Exile and his fate alongside Revan at the hands of a powerful enemy.

Codex Lore #18 – Lord Scourge, the Betrayer

The origins of the Jedi Knight’s Companion in the Revan Novel, his relationship with the Jedi Exile, Revan and Emperor Vitiate.


Codex Lore #20 – The Head of Darth Bandon

How the decapitated head of Darth Bandon survived for over 300 years between the events of KOTOR through to SWTOR.

Codex Lore #25 – The Mass Shadow Generator

How the Mass Shadow Generator survived the battle of Malachor V in KOTOR 2 and why a Lady of the Sith attempted to bind her physical body to its core.

Codex Lore #31 – The Vandar Tokare Garrison

Read the history of how this Military Base on Dantooine got it’s name from the Jedi Master of KOTOR.

Codex Lore #41 – Fate of the Outcasts of Taris

What happened after Revan helped Rukil lead the Outcasts to the Promised Lands of Taris, and the terrible fate that would befall them.

Codex Lore #43 – Lord Darkspanner, Founder of the Order of Revan

Read how this Sith founded a Secret Order in the jungles of Dromund Kaas that would take over the highest ranks of the Republic and Empire.

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