Deep SWTOR Lore

Codex Lore #1 – Altuur Zok Adon, the Kubaz Sniper

The life of Altuur Zok Adon the Galactic Seasons Companion, and his history with the Shroud Syndicate and Sith Inquisitor.

Codex Lore #6 – Ak’ghal Usar, the Last Lord of Urkupp

How the Outlander saved the Dashade that Tenebrae froze in time for attempting to revive his Master.

Codex Lore #9 – The Sand Demon’s of Tatooine

Read the mysterious lore surrounding the Sand Demons of Tatooine, the only known predator of the mighty Krayt Dragons.

Codex Lore #10 – The Shadow Syndicate

Uncover the rise and fall of the Shadow Syndicate, and how Fen Zeil turned the Syndicate into a major Galactic force of the Underworld.

Codex Lore #11 – Colonel Gallo of Manaan

Dive into the history of Manaan’s famed War Hero, Colonel Gallo and her history in defending Manaan against Raiders and the Sith Empire.

Codex Lore #14 – Don the Exiled Knight

Don the Exiled Knight’s Story, how a misunderstanding in the SWTOR community became a canonical character in Star Wars lore.

Codex Lore #15 – Voss-Ka Steps of Harmony

Why the Voss used this platform to throw those that broke the law to their death, and why it was pivotal to Voss society.

Codex Lore #19 – The Ancient Gree Hypergates

Delve into the lore surrounding the Ancient Hypergates that the Gree constructed to travel across the Galaxy without Hyperspace.

Codex Lore #21 – Matriach Kolovish, the Twi’lek Mother

Why this historical Twi’lek leader lead her people to Tython, and the dark secret she kept from the Jedi and Republic.

Codex Lore #25 – The Mass Shadow Generator

How the Mass Shadow Generator survived the battle of Malachor V in KOTOR 2 and why a Lady of the Sith attempted to bind her physical body to its core.


Codex Lore #28 – The Rakatan Star Fortress

How a rogue Zakuulan Exarch attempted to use the ruins of the Rakatan Homeworld to build the last planet destroying Star Fortress.

Codex Lore #33 – The Dxun Incident Story Lore

Read the Story Lore of how an ‘Incident’ caused Czerka to lose control of Dxun during the Onslaught Expansion and what happened during the Raid.

Codex Lore #34 – The Uncharted Lore of Manaan

Dive into the unmarked Lore you can find hidden on Manaan in Shadow of Revan and Legacy of the Sith! Fully compiled with image guides.

Codex Lore #39 – Fray Landing Base

How a legendary PvP Battle was immortalised in Star Wars Canon with this Memorial on Ilum.

Codex Lore #44 – The Mystery of the Theoretika

How a derelict Czerka Research Vessel and a series of murders held the secret to rebuilding the HK-51 Assassin Droids during the Cold War.

Codex Lore #45 – The Feast of Prosperity Story Lore

Catch up on the fully compiled Timeline of the Feast of Prosperity Event in SWTOR, recorded from all Quests and Codex into 1 complete Story.

Codex Lore #46 – The Creators of Iokath

Read about the extinct Iokathi species, how they contructed Iokath and why it lead to their eventual extinction at the hands of their own creation.

Codex Lore #48 – The Golden Storm Swoop Gang

Read more on the villainous Slavers of the Swoop Gang that terrorised the Blatant Bek’s during the All World’s Ultimate Swoop Rally.

Codex Lore #51 – The Terror from Beyond

How Kephess and the Dread Masters awoke an ancient Gree being known as Lotek’k that terrorised the planet of Asation.

Codex Lore #52 – The Nova Blades of Rishi

Complete history of the Nova Blade Pirates of SWTOR, from their origins to Revan & the Pirate Incursion of Dantooine.

Codex Lore #53 – Braden the Bounty Hunter

Discover the twisted past of Braden, the short lived mentor to the Bounty Hunter.

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